Burning Secured Data Discs

The secured data disc option allows you to burn password-protected data files to a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc.

You can also burn secured data disc with encrypted file names. The encrypted file names are hidden from users, unless they enter the correct password. You can choose to secure all or only some of the files on a data disc.

Burning a Secured Data Disc

To burn a secured data disc, do this:

  1. In the new task window, click the Data Disc option and then select the type of disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc) you want to create. The Data Disc window opens.
  2. Click the Power2Go secure17 Burning Secured Data Discs button.
  3. Select the level of security for the disc: Secured (128-bit) or Highly secured (256-bit).
  4. Enter a password for your secured data disc. Re-enter the password again in the Confirm password field and, if required, include a Password reminder, which can assist you if you ever forget it.
  5. Select the Hide the file names on a secured disc checkbox if you want to encrypt the file names on the disc.
  6. Click OK. Note that the disc content area is split into two sections.
  7. Use the search pane (see Using the Search Pane for more information) to find to the files you want to include on your disc. Select the files or folders you want to burn and then drag and drop them to either the secured data area (indicated in pink) or the regular non-secured data area (indicated in blue).
Power2Go note Burning Secured Data Discs

Note: you can also click the Power2Go addfil19 Burning Secured Data Discs button to add the data files or click the Power2Go addfol29 Burning Secured Data Discs button to create a folder in the last disc area you selected.

  1. Once you have added all of the content that you want to burn, click the Burn now button.
  2. If required, adjust the settings on the Data, Common, or Burner tabs (see the related sections in Configuring Burning Settings for more information.)
  3. Click Burn when you are ready to burn your disc.
  4. When the burning is complete, select one of the following options in the window box that opens:
    • Click View Log to view the burning log. The log opens in your default TXT editor, where you can view and save it.
    • Click OK to close the window and then exit.

Viewing Content on a Secured Data Disc

When you burn data to a secured disc with CyberLink Power2Go, the CyberLink Secure Browser is included on the disc so that you can view the content on the disc.

  1. When you insert a secured data disc into the disc drive, the CyberLink Secure Browser prompts you for a password.
Power2Go note Burning Secured Data Discs

Note: if the CyberLink Secure Browser does not automatically launch when you insert a secured data disc, try navigating to the disc in Windows Explorer and then double-click on the disc in the drive to launch it manually.

  1. Enter your password and then click OK to display the CyberLink Secure Browser window.
Power2Go note Burning Secured Data Discs

Note: if you selected to Hide the file names on a secured disc when creating the disc, double-click on the secured folder in the list view to view the

  1. In the CyberLink Secure Browser, you can perform the following functions:
    • Click Power2Go viewfi46 Burning Secured Data Discs to view a file in its default program.
    • To extract files from the disc and save them to a computer, select them and then click Power2Go extrac32 Burning Secured Data Discs .
Power2Go note Burning Secured Data Discs

Note: if your secured data disc has multiple subfolders, click Power2Go goup44 Burning Secured Data Discs to go up one level to the previous folder.

  • Click Power2Go search42 Burning Secured Data Discs to search for files. Type part or all of the file name or folder in the field provided. When searching you can click Size to look for files of a specific size, or Modified Date to look for files that were created or modified on or between specific dates.
Power2Go note Burning Secured Data Discs

Note: to change the view of the items in the CyberLink Secure Browser, click Power2Go change48 Burning Secured Data Discs .

Burning Secured Data Discs