Burning a Video Disc

When you select the Video CD (VCD) Disc or DVD-Video Disc option in the new task window, the create disc window displays as follows:

Power2Go videod52 Burning a Video Disc
A – Disc Content Tab, B – Menu Preferences Tab, C- Disc Preferences Tab, D -Disc Menu Font Properties, E – Disc Menu Preview Window, F – Burn to Disc, G – Preview Disc Menu, H- Disc Menu Properties, I – Menu Navigation Controls, J – Toggle Display, K – Disc Content

The steps to create and burn a video disc may vary depending on your requirements. The following sections outline all of the features you can perform in the create disc window, so consult the sections that apply to the disc you want to create.

Creating a Video Disc

To create a video disc, do this:

  1. In the new task window, click the Video Disc option. Select either the Video CD (VCD) Disc or DVD-Video Disc option to open the create disc window.
  2. Click the Power2Go addvide6 Burning a Video Disc button and then browse to and select the video file that you want to include on the disc.
  3. Click on Power2Go previe53 Burning a Video Disc to preview the imported video, if required.
  4. Click the Power2Go addvid23 Burning a Video Disc button to import additional video files if required. Each video you import becomes another title or scene on your final disc.
  5. Proceed to complete the disc creation process as required. See Selecting/Editing Disc Menus for more information.

Selecting/Editing Disc Menus

Once you have added all of the content that you want on your disc, click on the Menu Preferences tab to edit the existing disc menu or select another disc menu template.

All the disc menu templates in CyberLink Power2Go are multi-layered, and consist of the following pages:

  • a main menu home (root) page.
  • a scenes page that lets you select the individual titles (videos) on your disc.
Selecting Disc Menu Templates

CyberLink Power2Go provides you with several stylish pre-designed menu templates that you can choose from. These menus are already customized for you and may include such features as motion and menu music.

Power2Go note Burning a Video Disc

Note: if you do not want to include a menu on your final disc, select the No Menu template on the Menu Preferences tab.

Select a menu template to preview it. Select Apply to apply the highlighted menu page style to the specified menu page. Select Apply to All Pages if you want to use the same style on every page (home and scenes page).

Power2Go note Burning a Video Disc

Note: if required, you can click on Power2Go dzbutt22 Burning a Video Disc to go to DirectorZone, where you can download and import additional disc menu templates.

Editing Disc Menu Properties

CyberLink Power2Go lets you edit some of the disc menu’s properties. Use the menu navigation controls to preview the design and behavior of the current disc menu.

If you want to view the scenes on your disc, use the Power2Go enterb58 Burning a Video Disc button and the other menu navigation controls to navigate through the disc menu. Or click the Preview button at the bottom of the window to view what your disc will look like when played on a disc player after burning.

Editing Disc Menu Text

To edit the text that appears on the menu page, including clickable button text, double-click on it, and then enter the new text. You can modify menu text style, size, and alignment using the disc menu font properties options located at the top of the disc menu window.

To change the position of any text on your menu, just click and drag it to the new position.

Setting Disc Menu Background Music

Some of the pre-designed disc menu templates contain menu music. In the disc menu properties are you can:

  • click on Power2Go adddmb59 Burning a Video Disc to edit or replace the menu’s background music.
  • click Power2Go removedm Burning a Video Disc to remove the current background music from the menu.
Adding/Editing Disc Menu Music

If you are using background music in your disc menu, click the Power2Go adddmbg4 Burning a Video Disc button to perform the following functions:

Power2Go note Burning a Video Disc

Note: the final duration of your disc menu’s background music is dependent on the time entered in the Duration field in the Playback Mode Settings window, not the length of music file used. See Setting Disc Playback Mode for more information on setting your menu’s duration.

  • click the Power2Go browse49 Burning a Video Disc button to add/replace the menu background music.
  • trim the audio file using the playback controls and then move the sliders on the trim bar to the desired start and end points.
  • select to have the menu music gradually Fade-in or Fade-out.
  • if the length of your menu music file is not as long as the specified duration, select the Auto repeat option to loop it.
  • click Apply to All Pages to set the music for all of the disc menu pages, or click Apply to set it for the current disc menu page you are editing.
Adding a First Play Video

Use this option to add a video as a first play video to your created disc. The first play video plays automatically when the disc is inserted into a disc player, before the disc menu loads. No navigation buttons are available during the first play, and viewers cannot fast forward past this segment. In a professional production, this is usually a copyright notice or warning. However, you may prefer to use a personal introduction or other video clip instead.

To set a clip as first play, do this:

  • click Power2Go addfpv11 Burning a Video Disc and select the video that you want.
  • click Power2Go remove13 Burning a Video Disc to remove the video set as the first play video.
  • click Power2Go playfp15 Burning a Video Disc to preview the first play video.
Setting Disc Playback Mode

Click the Power2Go setpbm16 Burning a Video Disc button to set how the disc plays back in a disc player. Select from one of the available playback modes in the list.

In the Playback Mode Settings window you can set the following:

  • choose from one of the three available playback modes based on the available descriptions. Your disc will follow the selected behavior when inserted or play is pressed on your disc player.
  • if you want the disc content to play automatically, select the Auto menu time out option. When selected, your content plays automatically after displaying the disc menu for the specified duration. If you do not select this option, your menu loops endlessly until you press the play button on your disc player.
  • in the Duration field, enter in the length in seconds for the disc menu. The minimum duration allowed is 10 seconds, while your disc can be up to 99 seconds long before it loops back to the beginning.
Power2Go note Burning a Video Disc

Note: the duration you enter is also the length of your menu’s background music, even if the selected music file’s length is longer than the duration specified.

Specifying Buttons Per Page

When creating a disc with multiple titles /scenes, you can select the number of thumbnail buttons that display on the scenes menu page. Use the Buttons per page drop-down on the bottom left, to select the number you want on these pages.

Power2Go note Burning a Video Disc

Note: the number of thumbnail buttons that can display on each menu page is dependent on the design of the menu template.

Select Add thumbnail index to add numbering of your thumbnails to your menu page.

Editing Disc Preferences

Before you burn a disc you should configure your disc preferences, including disc and video file format, audio format, etc. Click on the Disc Preferences tab to configure your disc’s preferences.

The following preferences are available on the Disc Preferences tab:

Disc Format

  • the format of your disc was determined by the option you selected on the new task page (Video CD (VCD) Disc/DVD-Video Disc). Depending on the disc format that you selected, there may be a drop-down option to select the capacity of the disc.

Video and Audio Settings

  • Select the video recording format: if available for your selected disc format, select the recording format of the video on your disc and its aspect ratio.
  • Select the video encoding format and quality: if available for your selected disc format, select an encoding format and video quality for your disc. The Smart Fit option automatically adjusts the bit rate to the best quality video file that fits exactly to the capacity of the disc you are using.
  • Select the audio encoding format and channels: select an audio format for your disc, and the number of channels it is capable of outputting to.
Power2Go note Burning a Video Disc

Note: the video quality and audio type options that are available depend on the disc format that you have selected.

  • TV Format: select the TV format (NTSC or PAL) for your video. This format should correspond to the region in which you plan to play your video disc.

Burning Video to Disc

Burning the disc is the final stage of the create disc process. Once your disc is burned, you are able to play it on a disc player. Click on the Burn button and then on Start Burning to begin the burning process.

Power2Go note Burning a Video Disc

Note: the burning process may take at least a few minutes, depending on the length and quality of your video and your computer’s processing power. Be prepared for a short wait while CyberLink Power2Go renders your video disc.

Configuring Burn Settings

Before you burn to a disc for the first time, it is advised that you click on Power2Go burnse14 Burning a Video Disc to set your burning settings. After you configure these settings, CyberLink Power2Go uses the same settings each time you burn until you change them.

Erasing Discs

If you are using a rewritable disc, you can erase content that has data previously recorded on it. This allows you to reuse the same discs over and over without the need to continually buy new discs. Click on the Power2Go erased20 Burning a Video Disc button to begin erasing a disc.

When erasing a disc, select:

  • the Quick erase option to erase the disc index contained on the disc.
  • the Full erase option to erase all of the content the disc contains.

Burning a Video Disc