Power2Go Mode

The Power2Go mode is the main mode of CyberLink Power2Go where you can access all of its features.

New Task Window

All of these features are accessed in the new task window, which displays automatically when you launch CyberLink Power2Go.

Power2Go note Power2Go Mode

Note: you can prevent the new task window from opening by default by deselecting the Display this window whenever Power2Go opens option.

If the task window is not displayed, select the New Task button in the CyberLink Power2Go main window to open this window and start a new task at any time.

Power2Go Tasks

The following is a list of the CyberLink Power2Go features you can access in the new task window:

Task Icon
Power2Go Function
Power2Go task da5 Power2Go Mode
Use the Data Disc task to burn data files to a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc*. Data files can include any kind of document or digital file. See Burning Data Discs for more information.
Power2Go task mu3 Power2Go Mode
The Music Disc task allows you to burn audio files in the MP3*, WMA, or WAV format to a CD or DVD. You can also extract audio from video files for burning or create a traditional audio CD. See Burning Music Discs for more information.
Power2Go task vi7 Power2Go Mode
In the Video Disc* task window you can create a professional looking movie disc on a CD*/DVD that contains your video files. This feature also allows the burning of DVD folders to a disc. See Burning Video Discs for more information.
Power2Go task c10 Power2Go Mode
You can use the Copy Disc task to make an exact copy of a disc if you have more than one disc drive in your computer. You can also create or burn a disc image in this task window. See Copying Discs and Saving Disc Images for more information.
Power2Go task m12 Power2Go Mode
Go to the Mixed Disc task window if you want to burn mixed content to a CD. The different disc formats (CD Extra or Mixed Mode CD) allow you to burn different types of media to the same disc, essentially creating two disc types in one. See Burning Mixed Discs for more information.
Power2Go task u18 Power2Go Mode
From the Disc Utilities task window you can access a number of useful features, including the erase disc, rip audio, and audio converter. See Using the Disc Utilities for more information.
Power2Go task al8 Power2Go Mode
Create a Photo Gallery Disc* with your photos on a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc* in this task window. These discs contain a photo showcase application that runs on any computer with the included viewer. See Creating Photo Gallery Discs for more information.
Power2Go note Power2Go Mode

Note: *optional feature in CyberLink Power2Go. Check the readme file for detailed versioning information.

Using the Search Pane

The search pane is available in most of the main CyberLink Power2Go windows and is a useful tool that can help you find the media you want to burn to a disc quickly. The search pane may have any of the following three tabs: Browse, Filter, and Media.

Power2Go note Power2Go Mode

Note: you can also enter in keywords in the search media field to search for files in a specific folder on your computer.

e Tab

On the Browse tab you can navigate through the drives and folders on your computer. It is similar to Windows Explorer, and when you select a folder, the files in the supported format for the selected disc type display in the media pane.

Filter Tab

The Filter tab is available when you are burning data discs. On this tab you can filter the type of data files you want to include on your disc to simplify the search process.

Select All files if you want to view all the files in a folder, or select Custom files and then select the file types from the list you are searching for. Click Edit to customize the list of file extensions that CyberLink Power2Go uses to filter. You can add or remove file extensions from the filter list by selecting the Edit button and making the changes as required.

Media Tab

Use the Media tab when creating music discs to quickly find the music files you are looking for. CyberLink Power2Go uses the CyberLink Media Library service to categorize your music by artist, album, genre, year, and recently added.

Power2Go note Power2Go Mode

Note: you can set the music that is in the CyberLink Music Library in settings. See Configuring Library Settings for more information.

Power2Go Projects

When creating discs for burning in the CyberLink Power2Go main window, you can save burning projects in the P2G format, so you can edit and burn them at a later date.

To do this, select Project > Save or Save As from the menu. To open a project you created previously, select Project > Open from the menu.

Power2Go User Preferences

CyberLink Power2Go offers several preferences to suit the program to your working methods. To view the program’s preferences, select Project > Preferences from the menu.

General Preferences

On the General tab, set the general preferences as follows:

  • Temporary directory: allows you to set a working directory that CyberLink Power2Go uses to save temp files during the burning process.
  • Reset all “Do not ask me this question next time”: if you selected this option in a window during the disc creation process, this option allows you to reset them all. Click Reset and these windows will begin to display again.
Capacity Preferences

On the Capacity tab you can set a custom disc size when burning content to CD, if you are using discs that can hold more than 700 MB. The preferences are as follows:

  • Auto detection: enables CyberLink Power2Go to automatically detect a disc’s capacity.
  • Customize CD-R/RW capacity: select this option and then enter the new size (in minutes) in the field provided to manually set a disc’s capacity.
Database Preferences

On the Database tab, set the Internet connection preferences as follows:

  • Automatically retrieve album/disc information from the Internet: select this option to have CyberLink Power2Go automatically retrieve song and album information when ripping audio files.
Language Preferences

On the Language tab, set your user interface language preferences as follows:

  • Use system default language: select this option if you want the CyberLink Power2Go language display to be the same as the default language of your operating system.
  • User de
    : select this option and then select the language from the drop-down list that you want CyberLink Power2Go to use.

Power2Go Mode